Sourdough Bread Revival in Sydney – B@kerie in Gordon

Rye Sourdough Bread

Last year, I spent several months in Sydney assisting in the opening of a new sourdough bread bakery in Sydney, Australia.  B@kerie’s owner, Brock wants to revive traditional sourdough bread in Australia by bringing back traditional baking methods.  Bread is made with water, flour, salt and yeast.   Yet, take a look at any supermarket bread and you will see a list of ingredients I find hard to pronounce.  At B@kerie, sourdough bread making revived by using a real sourdough bread starter, artisanal ground flour and grey sea salt. Why did I emphasize on ‘Real Sourdough Starter’?  Read my blog post on sourdough starters and pre-mixes.

Brock Afford of B@kerie Sydney

Being a baker is a very specialised field that requires a totally different skillset and mentality from a chocolatier or a pastry chef.  To be a good baker, one needs to have experience, knowledge and good technique.  To be an exceptional baker, one has to possess an ability to understand the yeast.     It is easy to make consistent bread day in and day out with scientifically engineered yeasts that perform like clockwork.  However, when we are dealing with real sourdough bread, we are harnessing the power of nature, a plethora of wild organisms that it in the proper hands will make great sourdough breads.  Brock, the owner of B@kerie has a connection with sourdough and it is with this talent that he brings great sourdough bread to the table.  

Traditional Sourdough Bread Boule

The signature sourdough bread from B@kerie is made from organically milled Australian flour.  This flour is alive with vitamins and minerals that the natural yeasts need for a lively fermentation to create lots of flavour.  Having undergone a slow fermentation, this is a superb everyday sourdough bread.

Traditional Sourdough Bread Batard

This is the same Traditional Sourdough Bread, shaped into a rugby ball shape, which is easier to be sliced for sandwiches.

Sourdough Bread

Attractively slashed, this is an organic sourdough bread with a bit of rye added for flavour.

Poolish Baguette

Every great boulangerie must have a good baguette and B@kerie offers 3 kinds.  The above pictured baguette is a poolish baguette, which is basically a bread made with a highly active liquid starter full of enzymatic activity.  This affects the taste, texture and crumb of the baguette.

Multi Grain Baguette Proofing

I love anything with grains and cereals in them, and this multi grain baguette pairs beautifully with Iberico ham.

Multi Grain Bread

The subtle crunch of the grains when paired with Iberico ham really enhance the ham’s nutty flavours.  These baguettes taste great on their own or with a large dollop of cultured butter.

Special Baguette

The last baguette is a high hydration baguette with a slow fermentation.  This basically is a very wet dough left to rise slowly to develop as much flavour as possible from the wheat.  It is an extremely sticky and wet dough that requires a lot of skill to handle and shape.  It bakes into a beautiful, deep brown crust with an open textured crumb within.  It has a rich, nutty taste and a buttery creaminess.  This baguette showcases how much flavour one can coax out of flour just with water, salt and yeast.

Raisin Bread

There is no better start to the morning than having slices of Raisin Loaf slathered with butter and eaten with a cup of tea or coffee.  This is one of the most popular breads at B@kerie.

Porchetta Sandwich

B@kerie has dining in options too and they open for breakfast, lunch and tea.  You can choose from their selection of sandwiches, and the one above is the Porchetta sandwich on the B@kerie Special Baguette.  The porchetta is roasted in house in the dying heat of the baking ovens.  Being slowly roasted as the oven temperatures fall results in a very juicy porchetta that is tender to the bite.

Lamb Pie

At lunch time, a variety of savoury pies and sausage rolls will come straight out of the oven.  The fillings for the pies may range from chicken, beef in red wine and lamb and plum, as pictured above.  All fillings are made in house as well from meat supplied by Bush’s Fresh Meats, located in the shopping mall across the road.  

Raspberry Jam

On the sweeter side of things, you can have your bread with a small selection of jams made in house as well.  Made from locally grown fruits, the attention to detail to ensure the customers get only the best tasting products is outstanding.

Butter Croissants

No bakery is complete without its own croissants!  These butter croissants are available everyday along with a selection of sweet pastries like apple turnovers, brioche and chocolate chop bread.

Vanilla Cream Cannoncini

The signature pastry item are the Cannoncini, an Italian pastry of puff pastry stuffed with vanilla custard.   This is a crunchy, flakey and buttery treat oozing with vanilla cream in every bite.  One will never be enough!

B@kerie – Artisan Sourdough Bakery Sydney

773 Pacific Highway
Gordon NSW 2072, Australia
+61 2 9498 2007
Nearest Train Station: Gordon

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