Pickled Thai Mulberries with Spices

Pickled Thai Mulberry

I never would have expected a Mulberry fruit to look like a blackberry!  Growing on trees, one can only wonder that this fruit might be a by product of Thailand’s rich silk making heritage as silkworms only eat mulberry leaves.  Silk making originated in China and perhaps travelled via trade routes to Thailand.  The earliest [...]

Pranburi Seafood Restaurant (Near Hua Hin) | Yok Sod, My Crab Heaven

Hua Hin Restaurant Yok Sod Pranburi

This obscure Pranburi Seafood Restaurant called Yok Sod is the only reason  I would drive three hours from Bangkok to Huahin.  Any readers who are serious food lovers coming to Hua Hin or within Prachuap Khiri Khan province have to make Yok Sod a food destination.  I am sure there are many places in Thailand [...]

Sourdough Bread Revival in Sydney – B@kerie in Gordon

Brock Afford of B@kerie Sydney

Last year, I spent several months in Sydney assisting in the opening of a new sourdough bread bakery in Sydney, Australia.  B@kerie’s owner, Brock wants to revive traditional sourdough bread in Australia by bringing back traditional baking methods.  Bread is made with water, flour, salt and yeast.   Yet, take a look at any supermarket [...]

Real Sourdough Starter Vs Sourdough Bread Premixes

Real Sourdough Bread

What exactly is a real sourdough bread?  It is simply bread that has been leavened with natural yeast captured from the environment around us.  Have you ever had milk or food go sour?  Leave raw bread dough out long enough and it too will start to sour.  This process of decomposition, masterfully managed by the [...]

Chocolate Macarons Recipe & Tips

Dark Chocolate Macaron

There are many challenges to making chocolate macarons and the aim of this post is to help readers succeed in making them in their own kitchens.  You probably will not get them the first time, nor the second and possibly not the third.  However, every attempt will bring you closer to mastering the chocolate macaron. [...]

My Favourite Tokyo Restaurant

Uni - Sea Urchin Roe

Great food can be found everywhere in Japan, even more so in Tokyo, where every street corner boasts a sushi or ramen joint.   Which Tokyo restaurant should you head to?  One rule of thumb for the hungry traveller is to eat where the locals eat.  This is how I discovered my favourite Izakaya restaurant [...]

Yanesen – Travel to Tokyo’s Traditional Past

Busy Beef Korokke Shop

Whenever I travel to Tokyo, its always strikes me that Japan is a country of contrasts.  Walk down busy Shibuya at night and all you’ll see are neon signboards, high tech vending machines and green cars zooming about.  However, in the hidden corners, just 20 steps can bring you to a secluded Shinto shrine where [...]

French Bread Book by Frederic Lalos

Frederic Lalos French Bread Book French Baguette

Why is this a Professional French Bread Book? This is the first book feature I am writing about as many hours were spent scouring the internet for more information on this obscure French bread book.    None of the research turned up anything useful to ascertain if this book was indeed worth the money. Simply [...]

Baba au Rhum – Stohrer, Paris

Rum Baba - Stohrer, Paris

No visit to Paris is complete without tasting the Baba au Rhum at Stohrer in Paris!  Storher is said to have made the original Baba au Rhum, a simple yeast leavened cake soaked in copious amounts of Rum.   If you are near Les Halles, take a short walk to the busy food street of Rue [...]